The Road to GraphQL

Your journey to master pragmatic GraphQL in JavaScript

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Your journey to master GraphQL in JavaScript the pragmatic way with React, Node and Apollo by building real world applications.


  • Pros: 

    Another master piece by Robin! A well written book about GraphQL in the JavaScript ecosystem.


    A little bit short in the GraphQL fundamentals, but it's worth it anyway!

    If you want to start with GraphQL, this book is a must-read, you will understand and create a fully functional application using the best tools in the JavaScript/Node.js ecosystem.

    If you have any doubts about GraphQL, Robin will help you understand it and he'll show you in a practical way why this technology is revolutionising the way we build applications!

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  • Terrance

    It’s a clear and concise resource


    No cons at all

    Robin knows his stuff

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Robin Wieruch
Robin WieruchMaker@rwieruch · Into Web Development && Teaching
Hi Product Hunters 👋🏻 I’m Robin, the author of The Road to GraphQL. Thank you so much for hunting the book @djug I am so excited to launch this book on Product Hunt today 🙈 GraphQL is striving in 2018 and I believe it will be even more relevant in 2019. I started to dive into it when I worked closely with a client of mine migrating their codebase to microservices which are using GraphQL now. I was immediately hooked by GraphQL and its ecosystem and wouldn’t want to write applications without it anymore. That’s why I decided to write a book to tell others about it. The book is for free after a sign up and comes with 350+ pages, 45+ exercises, 400+ code snippets and 4 applications you are going to build along the way. It’s not a cookbook, but a pragmatic guide on how to implement GraphQL applications with React and Node.js. You can read more about its content over here: I am curious what Product Hunters think about GraphQL 😺 So let me know!
Victor@victor_baudot · I love to make things with my dev skills
@djug @rwieruch I'm sad there is no part on social auth, since it's the one thing I have a lot of struggle with. 😞
Mohd Danish
Mohd Danish@mddanishyusuf · Front-end Engineer @anantcorp
@rwieruch Thanks, I love your books. specially "the road to react".
Mohd Danish
Mohd Danish@mddanishyusuf · Front-end Engineer @anantcorp
@rwieruch it will be good if you also make video courses.
keyul@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
any plan to make make video courses?