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#1 Product of the WeekApril 03, 2019
Now you can duplicate any public Notion page and make it your own! To celebrate this (and our amazingly creative community), we’re introducing a gallery of our favorite public pages (built by us and our users), all of which can be copied and customized! 😽
  • Micah Choquette
    Micah Choquettesoftware engineer

    Satisfies a desire I have to see other people's awesome Notion boards.


    None that I can see yet. continues to be one of the apps I use on a daily basis, and their commitment to consistently rolling out new features is turning me from a comfortable user into a raving fan. You guys are doing awesome work, keep it up!

    Micah Choquette has used this product for one year.
  • Ahmed
    AhmediOS/macOS Engineer. Founder of Flawless

    Templates were kind of available before but having a single place with all of them makes this feature more discoverable.


    No cons at all.

    I've been using Notion for a few years already. I'm using it for everything really. The core blocks engine is so powerful it replaced task manager, notes, reminder, calendar etc. Bought the pro account and haven't regretted about it. Great product that's done with great care :) The only thing I've noticed is that the iOS application sometimes could be sloppy when working with big tables. I assume that's because of the application's nature, it's not fully native (I suppose). But on a scale that's quite a minor issue.

    Ahmed has used this product for one year.
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Ivan Zhao
Ivan ZhaoMakerPro@ivanhzhao · Co-founder, Notion
Hey Product Hunt, Last year around this time, we launched Notion 2.0, adding databases and a lot more tools for you to use. The support we found here in the Product Hunt community was overwhelming and so, so important to us — we're still super grateful. So today, we're excited to launch something that's designed top to bottom for the Notion community itself. This template gallery is a collection of all kinds of things built by all kinds of Notion users (including many from Product Hunt!) — giving everyone the chance to copy, customize, and contribute the Notion creations they love. We have people who've built encyclopedic board game databases, habit trackers, bullet journals, self improvement systems, employee handbooks, public product roadmaps, course syllabi, and so much more. This is also the first time we've publicly posted our own templates made by the Notion team for all kinds of company and personal use cases. And all of these are up for grabs! 😉 In addition to this gallery, we just launched our "Duplicate" feature (notice the button on the top right of some public Notion pages?). It lets you go to any public Notion page on the web, and with one click copy it to your own workspace so you can edit it any way you want, and make it your own. We've been seeing folks share what they've made on Notion across social media and forums for a while. Submit your own through our template gallery so even more people can benefit from what you've built :) Next on our list: - Better search - Zapier integrations & APIs - More and more templates (especially for databases) Thank you so much again for all your support. I've said it once, but I'll say it again. We wouldn't be here without you 😇 Ivan Co-founder, Notion
Choco Chu
Choco Chu@choco_chu
@ivanhzhao great update! But I cannot see the Duplicate button at the top right, is that just me or anyone else have the same bug?
Ivan Zhao
Ivan ZhaoMakerPro@ivanhzhao · Co-founder, Notion
@choco_chu Could you refresh? It will force load the new version for you.
Choco Chu
Choco Chu@choco_chu
@ivanhzhao still not working hmm.. I even tried to refresh my cookies and cache
Karthik Mahadevan
Karthik Mahadevan@karthik_mahadevan · Founder and Designer at Envision
@ivanhzhao great update! please expedite that Zapier integration. So badly need it
Jérémy Chevallier
Jérémy Chevallier@pocketfreud · Cofounder & Head of Product @ PubLoft
@ivanhzhao APIIIIIIIII 🤤
Jérémy Chevallier
Jérémy Chevallier@pocketfreud · Cofounder & Head of Product @ PubLoft
In a few years, young founders who want to know what it’s like to experience escape velocity-level product/market fit will simply Google interviews with the Notion cofounders & team. Notion has been a game-changer since the day I realized the implications of block-based content editing. The entire PubLoft team uses it for customer profiles and knowledge base documentation now, and we’re overjoyed to see the continued improvements including public breadcrumbs and search, which were part of this release as well. Notion is a stellar example of the power and defensibility of building tools that allow others to build on top of yours. Figma published an incredibly insightful piece on their journey so far, which I highly encourage you read if you’re not familiar with the story: Keep up the amazing work Notion team, and promise to bless us all with embedding and/or custom domain hosting sooner rather than later. ♥
Pavlo Pedenko
Pavlo Pedenko@pavlo_pedenko · Co-founder @ Growth Marketing Stage
I love Notion. Keep killing it!
Alex Loukissas
Alex Loukissas@aloukissas · Co-founder at AgentRisk
@ivanhzhao can Notion 2.0 sync with my Google Calendar? My #1 use case today is to keep meeting notes.
Gautham Santhosh
Gautham Santhosh@gauthamzzz · I don't have a spaceship
Why did you guys choose the unique notion style of illustrations for notions, any reasons?