Project management tool for agile teams.

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Manage your projects and deliver high quality results

GitScrum’s agile approach to project management has proven itself to be a time and money saving strategy with the flexibility to keep up with rapid changes.

Complete solution to help freelancers and big companies achieve the best performance and save money by better managing their projects.

  • Jonathan Du Toit
    Jonathan Du ToitI Love Chunky Problems

    Solid as a rock, and as nibble as a rabbit.


    ability to pull and push info to 3rd party tool

    This is one of my favorite tools this year. It has a flood of new, cool feature updates (they just keep coming) features that make this one of the most customization, scrum management tools today.

    Watch this space as I truly believe this has the potential to crush I mean replace peoples current go to toolsets and make them jump into gitscrum due to it's amazing ability to work with teams / companies / etc.

    Jonathan Du Toit has used this product for one year.
  • cr8tivNomad - Al Harji
    cr8tivNomad - Al Harjiinnovator, cr8tivMedia

    Easy to use - getting started was fast and intuitive.


    Wish whitelable feature was available for the Freelancer package :)

    Just getting started with the tool and love that it's so intuitive and easy to use. The free and pre-designed templates are a great starting point. Happy to see seamless integrations with Trello and dropbox (two tools I use daily). Looking forward to seeing the tool evolve but from what I can see it's pretty complete.

    cr8tivNomad - Al Harji has used this product for one week.
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Renato Marinho
Renato MarinhoMaker@renato_marinho
Where do we come in? When running a business or handling large amounts of data, our agile project management software is a helpful tool in making sure that all runs well and getting your team in operating mode.
nikos efthias
nikos efthias@nikos_efthias1
Almost everything here exists in gitlab for free. Plus gitlab is opensource meaning anyone in the community can extend the functionality. Also it is capable of ci/cd and docker registry. So what do you think this product shines in comparison to gitlab and why should we purchase the company plan? Does it have any advantages for my company over the gitlab ee we are using?
Renato Marinho
Renato MarinhoMaker@renato_marinho
@nikos_efthias1 great question. GitScrum focuses on being a task management tool , you can integrate with GitLab. Our goal with GitScrum is to turn normal teams into Rockstars. When you integrate GitScrum with GitLab, you have much more power to manage your company's projects, so soon we will have more resources dedicated to gamification and meritocracy.
Thiago de Carvalho
Thiago de Carvalho@thiagoafram · Founder @ Deer Designer
Love it! It's early days, but the potential is there. It'll soon replace Trello, Asana, everything for all our team 😉 Keep shining, guys!
Renato Marinho
Renato MarinhoMaker@renato_marinho
@thiagoafram very thanks!
Daniel Vasanth
Daniel Vasanth@daniel_vasanth
I can highly recommend this tool for Project Management. It saves a lot of time we had spent on documentation and tracking. I really love this tool the way it works. Also getting a wonderful community support from the team. We looking forward more enhancement in UX and Reports. Great work @renato_marinho 👍
Renato Marinho
Renato MarinhoMaker@renato_marinho
@daniel_vasanth We are working hard, soon we will have an even better UI / UX. very thanks!
Guilherme Aquino
Guilherme Aquino@guilherme_aquino
GitScrum is an amazing GP tool. I neve found any GP tool like GitScrum. Here all of our tem works better.
Renato Marinho
Renato MarinhoMaker@renato_marinho
@guilherme_aquino thanks a lot!!! We are working hard to build a great tool.