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Resources for underrepresented people in tech 👩🏾‍💻

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Diversify Tech is a collection of resources for underrepresented people in tech.

👩🏾‍💻 Discover scholarships, events, communities, jobs, speaking opportunities and more.

💼 Hiring? Post your jobs. Find diverse people in tech looking for jobs.

🗣️Hosting a conference? Offer scholarships to your events. Invite diverse speakers.

  • Pros: 

    A welcoming and easy to navigate interface with TONS of resources.


    None so far :)

    Love that this launched today! I was able to attend a conference because of a scholarship I found on diversifytech.co, so I'm definitely a big fan. Go check it out!

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  • Stefanie Grieser
    Stefanie GrieserMaker @ Shine Bootcamp, Marketer Sphere

    How did I not know about this before?


    None that I know of

    This really tackles all areas (scholarships, job boards, conferences, speakers, deals, etc, etc) and is beyond actionable. Again, how did I not know about this before?

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Veni Kunche
Veni KuncheMaker@venikunche · 👩🏻‍💻diversifytech.co • codewithveni.com
Hi everyone 😊, This is my first time launching on Product Hunt! I’m excited to share Diversify Tech with the community. Diversify Tech is for people like me who are underrepresented in tech. It is also for all of us in the tech industry who want to make it a welcoming and inclusive place. 💡The idea sparked when I went to a conference on a scholarship this year. I met so many like minded people and learned so much. I wanted others like me to have the same opportunity. There are so many resources and opportunities like this but they are shared within closed networks. People who are not already part of a certain network may never hear about them. I want to put them out in the open so that they are easier to find. ⚡️I started with a simple list of tech conference scholarships in June. Since then I shared over 150 scholarships. 🚀 In October, when @marie_dm_ of Women Make organized the Just f*ing ship it in 30 days challenge, I took the opportunity to grow the site further. Now, underrepresented people in tech can - Find scholarships to tech conferences & bootcamps - Find resources that help them speak at events & - Join the #ChangeTheRatio campaign to be featured if they are looking for a job Employers can - Share their jobs and talk about their efforts in diversity and inclusion - Find people who are looking for jobs & - Find resources to help them hire diverse candidates Tech Conference Organizers can - Find diverse speakers to speak at their events & - Share scholarships and discounts to their events Allies can - Offer discounts on their products & - Refer employers to post jobs and find potential candidates I’m just getting started and I’m excited to see where this leads. 💜 Thank you to @geschehaas of Dreamers // Doers, @mijustin of Mega Makers, @marie_dm_ of Women Make and the Women Who Code DC community for being amazing and providing so much support. Thank you to @tcodinat for the awesome gif and video. Thank you to @patio11 who pointed me in the right direction and advised me to focus on increasing diversity in tech. We met only for 30 minutes but you had an impact 😊 A huge thank you to @robwalling & @singlefounder for offering scholarships to MicroConf and @citadelgrad for being a great ally and sponsoring my ticket of the conference this year. You all sparked this idea. Finally, thank you PH for reading and I welcome your feedback. Now, let’s Diversify Tech!
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff@anthilemoon · Entrepreneur
Massive congrats on the launch, @venikunche! This is so much needed. p.s. @tcodinat love the gif and the video! 💜
Veni Kunche
Veni KuncheMaker@venikunche · 👩🏻‍💻diversifytech.co • codewithveni.com
@tcodinat @anthilemoon Thank you, Anne-Laure!!
Dagobert Renouf
Dagobert Renouf@dagorenouf · Building apps that help companies grow.
@venikunche congratulations on the great launch!
Danielle Johnson
Danielle Johnson@dinkydani21 · Leave Me Alone | Squarecat
Huge congrats on your launch @venikunche! This is such a great and important product!
Abadesi@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach
@marie_dm_ @geschehaas @mijustin @tcodinat @patio11 @robwalling @singlefounder @citadelgrad @venikunche Congrats on launching! This is much needed! I like how you have Typeforms for sharing resources, any future plans to expand how the community an contribute to it?
Steph Smith
Steph Smith@stephsmith · NomadHubb + MYGA + Eunoia + FeMake
Tech needed this! Congrats on the official launch and securing some of your first paid sponsorships Veni! 🎯
Veni Kunche
Veni KuncheMaker@venikunche · 👩🏻‍💻diversifytech.co • codewithveni.com
@stephsmith Thank you, Steph! ❤️
Nikema Prophet
Nikema Prophet@dev_nikema · Founder, PopSchools
I am subscriber and I’ve personally benefited from this resource. I was able to attend my first ever tech conference on scholarship and it was an amazing experience. Thank you, @venikunche.
Veni Kunche
Veni KuncheMaker@venikunche · 👩🏻‍💻diversifytech.co • codewithveni.com
@dev_nikema So glad to hear! Thank you, Nikema.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
First launch!? 👏 Nice work, @venikunche. How are you selecting which resources to highlight?
Veni Kunche
Veni KuncheMaker@venikunche · 👩🏻‍💻diversifytech.co • codewithveni.com
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! I run a newsletter for women devs and I'm always sharing resources like these. Based on what I've seen tech conference scholarships are a big hit as they allow us to network and meet people in the industry. After that are job postings that highlight the diversity and inclusiveness of the company. The resources I share are based on what I see my readers want. I select based on need and recommendations by other underrepresented people in tech.
micah price
micah price@98mprice · student
I love the idea! 😄 I hope it grows, since it's obviously a worthwhile cause.
Veni Kunche
Veni KuncheMaker@venikunche · 👩🏻‍💻diversifytech.co • codewithveni.com
@98mprice Thank you, Micah!