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New goals
  1. Kent Kajitani
    Kent Kajitani@kajiken0630 • MESON, inc. CEO
    1. ブログ執筆

  2. Jourdan Bul-lalayao
    Jourdan Bul-lalayao@jourdanb21 • Engineering @ Wag! | Co-Founder & CTO
    1. Finish v0.2 features

  3. Michael Andreuzza
    Michael Andreuzza@michael_andreuzza • Founder of
    1. Make a global dark switch

  4. Uren Dhanani
    Uren Dhanani@uren_d •
    1. Building!

  5. Uday Sandhar
    Uday Sandhar@sandhar
    1. Hire Easy

  6. Samar Mustafa
    Samar Mustafa@samar_ux • Founder @
    1. Prepare for collision conference 2019 Startup ALPHA

      Remote Workers
    2. Launched Teamstack on Producthunt

      Remote Workers
      Florent Mérian
  7. Fiona Carty
    Fiona Carty@impishpimp • designer @ boba guys
    1. send out May Tea People Newsletter

      Jourdan Bul-lalayao
      Samar Mustafa
    2. launch catering pages on site

    3. put together vendor unit price spreadsheet for SF Hoodie

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  8. Nabil Ashraf
    Nabil Ashraf@nabilashraf • CTO, Chum Chum Agency
    1. Have a fully functional product at the end of the year

      Jourdan Bul-lalayao
      Samar Mustafa
  9. The Untechnical Writer
    The Untechnical Writer@jennifer_wenzel • Simple Marketing for Complex Products
    1. Help a product maker develop their key messaging platform (copy style guide)

      Samar Mustafa
  10. dede rana
    dede rana@dede_rana
    1. Semoga sukses

  11. Wouter Raateland
    Wouter Raateland@wouterraateland • Making Your Gift Hunt during a gap year
    1. The Lean Startup, Eric Ries

      Book Club
  12. Pranjal Daga
    Pranjal Daga@pranjal • Data Scientist, Cisco
    1. irfan vids

      Samar Mustafa
  13. Adam Gray
    Adam Gray@adam_gray • Lead Experience Designer, UNiDAYS
    1. webflow cms

  14. Akshay Nihalaney
    Akshay Nihalaney@akshay_nihalaney • coder, founder
    1. Post app on Product Hunt

      Solo Founders
      Dimka Polivan
  15. Aashiesh Pounj
    Aashiesh Pounj@aashiesh_pounj • Techlove and dad
    1. Figure Out Customer Life Time Value ( CLV)

      Dimka Polivan