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Rohith Darisa
Rohith DarisaProduct and Growth Enthusiast

How can I live a nomad life (everything from remote work to travel)?

Please recommendation any products that really help. I am looking for life journey based complete recommendations. Something which has good conversions to try out or anything that helps well.
Top recommendations
Nomad List 2.0 Find the best cities to live and work remotely
Remote OK The biggest remote job board on the web
The 4-Hour Workweek (Expanded & Updated Edition) Escape the 9-5, live anywhere, and join the new rich
  1. Leonardo M Jaques
    Leonardo M JaquesBrazil, 23. Crypto & Social Impact.

    What is your favorite app/plugin to save and organize sites/links in your web browser?

    I'm currently using Bookmark OS in Chrome but I find it quite ugly. I need something to save a lot of articles and sites for later brainstorming. Any helpfull sugestions?
  2. Andrea Hernández
    Andrea HernándezFounder, Pretty Eats

    What's the best app to plan itinerary for trips/share with friends?

    Is there such a thing? If not - can this serve as a request for such a thing?
  3. Arthur Eudeline
    Arthur EudelineWeb developer f***ing proven technophile

    The better free todo app

    Hello everyone ! I'm currently looking for the best free to-do app in the world! To achieve this impossible quest, I want to found an app that corresponds to this standards : - must be FREE (at least for the next features) - can be interconnected with Google Calendar (as Wunderlist or Google Tasks does it) - the tasks can be : -- time estimated and due to a date and a time (like Remember the Milk) -- repeated -- subdivided into subtasks (like Trello allows it with "convert to card" todo feature, but I prefer Todoist way for this) -- categorized to a custom classification (like "work", "school", ... like Remember the Milk does) -- handle a description text -- assigned to a task list/project -- handle comments (Trello, Wunderlist) - the task lists/projects can be subdivided and be encapsulated as many times as we want (I really love the Todoist method) - task lists/projects, categories and tags can be shared and allow team working (like Wunderlist and Remember the milk) -- we can assign lists/projects member to a task (Trello, Remember the Milk, Wunderlist) Secondary features that can be very cool : - API - Interconnection with Slack and Trello Services I already tried : - Trello (a little bit complicated for using it as a todo even if it matches almost all my needs) - Google Tasks (too simple, cannot be shared, no subproject, too simple subtasks) - Todoist (perfect but paying) - Wunderlist (Almost perfect, it just lacks some tags system and infinite subdividing lists and projects) - Remember the Milk (pretty perfect except the subdividing feature that I love so much is only on paying plans) As you can see, I love todos. If you find me the perfect app, you're going make me more than my day! So that the game begins as we say.
  4. What SaaS products does your small business or start up use that you couldn't live without?

    My company uses Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and a few others. I'm curious what other companies are using to make their lives easier.
  5. How do you save your favorite content online?

    From social media (Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit), podcasts, and blogs.
  6. Sarah Johnson
    Sarah JohnsonContent Marketing Strategist

    What is the best software for live video streaming?

    Is there any list for best live video streaming software providers
  7. Best place for design inspiration?

    Looking for some products that provide new and valuable inspiration for design.
  8. What's the best knowledge base for both internal and external use

    On the hunt for a knowledge base for both; - internal documents for staff to use internally (policies/procedures) - external documents for customers to use for troubleshooting (how-to, guides, support)
  9. Arthur Swiniarski
    Arthur Swiniarskiproduct @ Naver France

    What is the best restaurant recommendation app?

    I am often lacking new places to go to in Paris, but abroad as well and don't really enjoy using trip-advisor..
  10. What are the best tools for 1 on 1 meetings?

    I'm looking for the best tools for taking 1 on 1 meetings. Taking notes, prepare summaries/action items ?
  11. tschellenbach

    What would you use to build the social network of the future?

    Tech stack, services and APIs you would use to build the social network of the future.
  12. Joel Fischer
    Joel FischeriOS Team Lead, Livio

    What is the best video chat app?

    I'm looking for an app, preferably available on a wide variety of platforms. For example, Skype, Duo, or WhatsApp. What are your favorites?
  13. Kaley Hart
    Kaley HartSocial Media Nerd | Content Editor

    What are your favorite customer service tools?

    Zendesk, Freshdesk, Groove, etc. What have you tried? What do you like? Why?
  14. What is the best Saas product?

    I'm looking for the best Saas product to use in my team.
  15. Kieran
    KieranSoftware Developer

    What is the best tool for transferring playlists between Spotify and Apple Music?

    I've tried a couple of tools and had bad experiences. Is there anything that can look at my Spotify library and copy all the playlists over to Apple Music (and vice versa)?
  16. What's the best collaborative software for teams of any type?

    Whether it's project management, a company putting together a budget, perhaps an Airtable but for everything? What's the best software for real time (or pseudo real time) collaboration / collective work towards a project/task. Are there any good ones?
  17. Jerry Becker
    Jerry BeckerAll Around Good Guy

    What's your favourite tool for task/project management?

    Looking for a simple tool my team of 5 can use that captures the most up-to-date status on all our tasks